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Beautiful Media Room Design features Black TV Cabinets and Martinique Banana Leaf Wallpaper by Reath Design

By Bruce Wayne
This media room displays unique touch with its banana leaves wallpaper and it gives cool impression. When I look other rooms, it seems normal but this room. The orange rug already welcomes anybody who wants to enter the room but I think it should be omit because the color is too bright. Thanks to the elegant black TV cabinet and the brown striped carpet, the room does not feel too stuffy. The wallpaper seems weird, but I love the unique idea and it makes me braver to add some unique touches for my family room. The gorgeous star-shaped hanging lamps also grab my attention besides the one-off wallpaper.

Cool Man Cave Ideas features Gray Velvet Cushions Adorned with Hermes Pillow by M Wright Design

By Bruce Wayne
This media room looks usual. Do you agree with me? Unfortunately, the picture does not capture the whole room and only focus on the chairs. I think the chairs looks dull and uncomfortable to be sitting for a long time. The chairs are quite high and the arms are very low so the position of the people who sit there will be awkward. Moreover, the grey white color makes the chairs look old and boring even though I like the wood frame. The good point of the chair is the Hermes Pillows that looks simple but modern. The small glass table between the chairs is too small and useless.

Modern Game Room Decor Ideas features Using Albums as Art by Chango & Co.

By Bruce Wayne
For people who love music, this media room can be an inspirational idea. The room looks fresh and fun for playing or just listening to music. I like the simplicity of the room but still give a very good impression through its musical theme. Album covers as wall decoration is a very brilliant idea because it also shows what kind of music and bands that the owner like. The music instruments placed on the floor can become an interesting decoration, besides the guitars can be used as well. The compliment does not stop only on the decoration but also for the lamp. For a room that full of arts, of course the common lamp is forbidden. The black triangular lamp is so unique and it enhances the art quality of the room.

Exquisite Attic Game Room features Modern Striped Ping Pong Table and Linen Slipper Chairs by TTM Development

By Bruce Wayne
This family room looks so warm. I bet the family who lives in this house must be close to each other. There is no transition between the media room and the lounge and it make the family room airy. Joined with the kitchen, the room still looks neat and cozy. I think this room is a great inspiration for me and for others who has limited rooms and want to merge a room for several purposes. I love the concept that seems odd for many people but it worth give a try. The table tennis table plays well as the transition media between the kitchen and the family room.

Fabolous Attic Family Room Ideas features Contemporary Ping Pong Table and Light Hardwood Floors by TTM Development

By Bruce Wayne
When the first time I see the picture, my eyes directly goes to the green striped table tennis table. It does not match with the kitchen area which becomes the main function of this room. It will be great if the game table can perform as island too once the net is removed. However, the existence of wheels at the bottom of the table means that the table can be removed anytime and that’s perfect. The kitchen is minimalist and I like it because there are too many useless accessories. The American map hanging on the wall with two sconces gives lovely touch to the kitchen.

Excellent TV Room Ideas features Modern Ping Pong Table with Circular Seating Arrangement by TTM Development

By Bruce Wayne
When I see the media room, I feel the room consists of two different themes. The transition between the TV space and the game space is unnatural. Even though the designer may want the room to be opened without any border, the room looks weird. It is clearly shown on the paint of the wall that is divided into white and grey. Moreover, the green table tennis table has totally different color with the TV room, so it looks unmatched. It is better to paint the wall in one color or just mix the color by making striped pattern. In addition, the game table legs should be repainted with orange, so it looks balance with the TV area.

Astounding Game Room Design features Ping Pong Table by Munger Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
Is this a game room? Don’t you feel that it is too plain to become a game room? Game rooms that I usually see are colorful and full of game devices. They are totally different with this picture. The wall is only simply painted in full white and the decoration just green table tennis rackets hanging on the wall. I think adding other wall decorations or even installing new colorful wallpaper will make the room more attractive. A game room should enhance the occupants’ mood. Moreover, the three high chairs seem too formal for game room. They looks like judges’ chairs and they are should be replaced with more comfortable chairs.

Fascinating Game Room Ideas features Pool Table with Blue Wingback Chairs by Jackson Page Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
For classy game room, I recommend this picture. The room looks comfortable and stylish at the same time. Besides the pool table, an elegant longue is also presented in the room. From the color of the lounge chairs to the bulk pool table, all seems perfect but one thing, the hanging lamps. I think the black twin lamps are a little bit out of place. The longue seems so graceful but suddenly, industrial lamp comes in the middle of the room. It looks contrast with the crystal glass chandelier above the chatting space. It will be great if the black lamp is changed into a classier one.

Glamorous Family Game Room Ideas features Bay Window Seat by Jackson Page Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
Luxurious is the first thing that pops up in my mind when I see this picture. The lounge looks so elegant and it reminds me of five-star hotel that I see in a movie. I see that the design is simple but it really shows a deluxe touch in furniture set up in the room. Every detail placed in the room grab my attention. The high chairs with navy blue and white color are perfect choice to have elegant tea time. The purple leaves patterned rug make the room less formal but still fit with the concept. The deep purple bay window seat also gives huge impact of the room. I think the color choice is very wise because it will be weird if the seat has another color.

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