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Contemporary Black Living Room Furniture features Chanel Pillows by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
Aha! This kind of pillows is so suitable if you’re a fashionista or at least, if you are quite into fashion world. Even better, if you’re a fan of the products from Chanel, it’s going to really shout out that you’re the big fan of the brand. It’s really great indeed and it’s going to give some good value to the living room. However, in one way or another, somehow, I smell something like “marketing” efforts even though I believe, whoever has such pillows has anything to do with Chanel either he or she works for the brand or something like that. It may be a little bit disturbing but overall, those are great pillows without any doubt!

Modern Living Room Furniture features Bungalow 5 Jacqui Large 4 Drawer by Wendy Labrum Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
I imagine such furniture set up is placed in one of my living room corners and I know that it’s going to be so stunning. Perhaps, the furniture may not speak much in determining the whole concept of the living room but I believe they can give some accent or “color” to it. The combination of such set up is able to bring balance to any kind of living room design so if you are interested to have it, you don’t need to worry about changing the whole concept of your living room. It’s going to be just fine. Just one small suggestion here, more gold-colored accents may be a good idea as it will give fresher and more elegant look.

Chic Living Room Decor Ideas features Brown Sofa with White Accent Chairs by Wendy Labrum Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
Well, in my opinion, the choice and placement of the sofa as well as the chairs are good. Nonetheless, I’m not really sure about such set up if you consider it as a whole design package for the living room. I don’t mean to say that the sofa and the chairs are bad. They are good – if not best, in fact. However, they only have such adjective if they’re alone. Once you combine them, well, I don’t know, it doesn’t work for me. What do you think about it? It’s better for the sofa to be in white color or the accent chairs to be in brown. The point is to make the color the same and it should be more beautiful.

Retro Furniture Living Room Ideas features Black Louvered Cabinets Under Flat Screen TV by Rue Magazine

By Bruce Wayne
No, no, no, you must never put something under flatscreen TV unless the thing can go in the same line with the sophistication and modernity provided by the TV. I believe, such rule has become something undeniable. If it’s a stand for the TV, it’s good. But, a cabinet? Won’t it ruin the whole modernity which has been set up by the TV? Nonetheless, from the picture, the way I see it, the rule mentioned before is wrong at this point. Black louvered cabinets placed below the flatscreen TV does nothing bad to the great theme set by the TV. In fact, it’s boosting it and you get extra storage space there for you to store your DVD or magazines. What a brilliant furniture choice and positioning!

Terrific Living Furniture Ideas features Beige and Green Living Rooms by Kelly G Robson Design

By Bruce Wayne
Just try to ignore the picture and focus on the title of it. I believe you should think something like this, “What the heck? Can beige and green give nice impact to the living room? To be honest, I think that way too. In my imagination, it’s going to be so boring and you don’t want that as the part of your living room design. However, the picture has proven that I’m wrong. It’s surprising to see beige and green to be able to blend well perfectly like that and give such nice ambience to the living room. It’s not only warmth and cozy but you also feel this kind of want-to-always-spend-some-time-in-the-living-room feeling. I know I may sound ridiculous to you. But, that’s what I see and feel from the picture. What about you?

Comfortable Interior Decorating Ideas features Beige and Blue living Rooms by Braun Adams

By Bruce Wayne
Don’t you agree to the fact that it’s always a tricky thing to design the living room especially when it comes to the efforts to choose the right color theme? Yep, the hardship is always there. You want to provide comfort and warmth in the living room but you may not think that using neutral and pastel colors is going to be interesting. The fact that beige and blue can blend well perfectly like what is shown in the picture is really inspiring. Honestly, such color theme idea has never occurred in my mind. The blue color is the one to give accent to the theme of the living room while beige plays role as the one to provide warmth. The combination is magnificent!

Cozy Living Room features Bay Window Sofa by Naina Singla

By Bruce Wayne
To have bay window is surely something good for your living room. It means that there is something you want to see from the window of your living room and that thing should be interesting enough. The fact that there’s a kind of sofa is specifically designed to make it possible for it to fit in the area of bay window area is so incredible. Don’t you think so too? Just imagine about how you enjoy your time sitting in such sofa and have a great time in the living room. And then, when you turn around, you know that the window there is going to please you with nice view. Putting the design of the sofa aside, it’s already a good thing for me and fortunately, the great design of the sofa gives extra pleasure for sure.

Contemporary Living Room features Back to Back Sofas by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
Well, I always love sofas as the choice for living room furniture. Personally, I like the softness, coziness, and sometimes, the design also captures my attention. What is shown in the picture is something I really adore and hope to have for my living room. I can see modernity emitting from the sofas and I realize of the sofas are able to boost the appeal of the whole room. If I’m allowed to say, the sofas are the main highlight of the room and it’s all thanks to the awesomely black color. The combination of black and some brown-white stripes somehow even makes the sofas look even more fabulous. The stripes give balance to the modernity so the sofas also feel soft and softness is good for the comfort of the sofas.

Small Living Room features Bookcase with Black and White Striped Backs

By Bruce Wayne
One word popping up in my mind when I see the picture: “classic”! Yes, I don’t know why but the bookcase with black and white striped backs seems to blend well with the other elements in that room. And the result is really beautiful. In addition to the fact that the bookcase is a kind of storage space, it’s also a decoration that works perfectly. Perhaps, the classic theme isn’t only determined by the bookcase alone because you know that there is this classic-looking mirror and a set of chair and table with nice and chic design. However, without any doubt, the bookcase plays great role there.

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