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Built in Bench Next to Door for Traditional Laundry Room Design by Shea McGee Design

By Bruce Wayne
I love this traditional laundry look that seems perfect combined with modern element. The classic rattan box is surely can accommodate your dirty clothes before they are being washed. The white large cabinet can save your clothes once you finish doing laundry. I like the frosted glass door that can provide additional lighting during daylight time. The vibrant red rug is also complementing the beautiful room with its ethnic look. To give more artistic look, I think it will be much better to install crystal chandelier on the ceiling. I still love this room so much because there is no much detail which makes the room look crowded. I simply like it.

Simple Traditional Laundry Room with Concealed Stacked Washer and Laundry Room Desk by Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

By Bruce Wayne
I think this laundry room applying simple and neat concept as its main theme because the washer and dryer are concealed behind a large white slide door. I love the white drawers next to the main laundry system which is pretty chic. The red turkey rug gives bolder atmosphere and it is beautifully combined with soft brown wooden flooring. The room is neutralized by the existence of gray cabinet that can provide additional storage. I think, the owner should provide a small table on the corner of the room as it can be functioned to accommodate your clothes after being washed. Over all, I’m so into this simple laundry room.

Combined with Kitchen Room Features Gray Laundry Room Cabinets with White Quartz Countertops by Jessica Bradley Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
I love this laundry room where it is also combined with kitchen room that is pretty chic and elegant. With adorable gray cabinets and marble countertop, the room looks very special. I love the placement of glossy wooden table that can create classic look to the room. The twin rattan basket will surely accommodate your dirty clothes that are ready to wash. The scone gives dramatic lighting but it also supported by the large white window that can provide additional lighting. I love the concrete flooring that makes the room look extraordinary. The cute blue backsplash is also another thing to adore.

Combination Room Between Home Office and Laundry Room Craft Room and Mudroom Combo by Chenault James Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
I love this combination room between home office and laundry room. It’s very unique to combine those two different ideas because it’s of course out of the box. I love how the home office facing large window and most importantly it features built in desk that can save more space. The large built-in closet gives more attracting scene to this room. I like how the interior designer install cube hanging lamp that can create artistic look to this elegant room. The black countertop in the middle of the room will accommodate your precious stuff. However, I don’t really like the flooring area where it looks dull. I think it much better to install wooden laminate flooring to give magnificent look.

Small Laundry Room with Hidden Washer and Dryer Behind Curtains by Birmingham Home and Garden

By Bruce Wayne
I love the concept of this small laundry room. Every single piece of furniture in this room is cleanly ordered. I love the idea of hiding washer and dryer behind the beautiful patterned curtain because it will help the room look need once the curtain is closed. The small rattan box on the mounted shelves is very adorable when it is combined with elegant white potted flower. I love the white wall and white window that can gives elegant look to this small room so that it will look larger than its actual look. However, the silvery box next to the curtain must be removed because it distracts the artistic look of certain corner. All I can say it’s wonderful!

Magnificent Look for Beach Cottage Laundry Rooms Design by Realtor

By Bruce Wayne
I love this simple laundry room that brings beach theme as its main concept. With ravishing glossy black floating cabinet and ravishing marble countertop, the furniture will surely give magnificent look. I adore how the interior designer provides artistic element on its wall. The soft green and white complementing the wall decoration which I think it’s very sweet. You will not feeling difficult organizing the room because the glossy metal large door provides an easy gate for you. The concrete peach flooring gives cheerful effect so that it can lift up your mood when you are doing your daily activity.

Perfect Laundry Room with Gray Arabesque Tile Backsplash by Austin Bean Design Studio

By Bruce Wayne
The first time I see this laundry room, all I can say is “it’s wonderful”. The green backsplash gives refreshing vibe to this laundry room. Moreover, washing machines and dryer will make your laundry activity easier because all your dirty clothes can be cleaned at the same time. The floating white cabinet can accommodate more stuff and most importantly the open shelving system will allow you to place decorative item that can beautify the room. I also like the hard wooden floor that seems perfect to create traditional image of the room. I think this room is perfect without any doubt.

Simple Laundry Room and Bathroom with Marble Hex Tile Backsplash by Kelly G Robson Design

By Bruce Wayne
I really love the white concept of this bathroom because it can show an exclusive style of its owner. With soft cream mosaic backsplash completed with silvery faucet, the bathroom which is also functioned as laundri room looks adorable and fun. I love the idea of placing wooden white cabinet below the sink because it can provide more storage. However, I want to see some refreshment on the walling idea. Maybe, the owner should give more vibrant color like soft lime to make the room look fresh and neat. To give more chic representation, putting potted flower above the marble table is a must. Over all, I love this simple laundry room and bathroom.

Small Laundry Room Features Blue Laundry Room Cabinets with Dominated by White Tone By Coco Republic

By Bruce Wayne
I love this sleek laundry room that is dominated by white tone. It makes the room look larger than its actual look. The large mounted cabinet can provide additional storage for your clothes. The existence of mounted sink will give your cleaning activity much easier because you can wash your hand once you finish your laundry. The simple rattan box gives more chic look to this one tone room. I think with the only white as its main tone, the room lacks of artistic sense. For better look, featuring vibrant color on one side of the room will surely lift your mood.

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