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Gorgeous French Home Exterior features Oval Shaped Dormer Windows and Double Entry Doors

By Bruce Wayne
I think this is my first time see such luxurious exterior design. The house really looks sophisticated with white theme. The French style always gives grand feel and I love it very much. This house totally grabs my heart because of great details in every part. Start from the fence that combines between black beautiful metal with white concrete simple fence. The combination is smooth so I think it will be ugly if the fence only consists of white wall or black one. The front yard mostly covers with white concrete pathway but I adore the small garden with a fountain that freshen the atmosphere. The brown double front doors blend well with white windows so it gives lovely color towards the white surrounding.

Wonderful Cottage Home features Stone Beige Stone Exterior Accented

By Bruce Wayne
Who says that exterior of a cottage is always plain and boring? This picture shows the opposite opinion. This exterior is lovely and grand and I think it will be fun to visit this cottage during holiday. The raw brick wall gives the countryside feel which is attractive. The tall wall matches with the blocked pathway. One thing that is noticed by me first is the ivy plant around the glass front door. It looks great and creates harmonization with the green surrounding. The charming garden with purple flower and tall tress do a fresh and enchanting atmosphere toward the house.

Beautiful French Style Homes features Limestone Home Exterior with Black Front Door

By Bruce Wayne
The house looks old because the wall looks dirty and cracked but I think it is matter of the light when this picture taken. Do you agree with me? In spite of the confusing color of the wall, the exterior of this house looks plain. There is no part of the exterior that grabs my eyes. The house looks like an old apartment because of the plain tall design. Moreover, the low black fence looks common and the garden is so small. I think it is made like that to give a good outside view to the basement floor. Fortunately, the door looks quite nice with half round window above it and two lanterns in front of it.

Stunning Exterior House Columns with Wall of Glass Paned Doors Illuminated by Donald Lococo Architects

By Bruce Wayne
I love the exterior of this house. I personally love simple design and also love house with garden so this exterior become one of my favorites. The white doors look unique but I am not really sure whether the door is only one or more because the windows besides the opened door look like door too. In spite of the confusing door, the veranda appears good with its white five columns and four black lanterns. The second floor has grey wall that match with the grey roof and chimney. Besides the simple exterior, the stone pathway and the garden come to cheer the monochrome color.

Exquisite French Home Exterior features Underground Car Garage by Burns and Beyerl Architects

By Bruce Wayne
The French styled home always grabs my attention because of its great architecture. The picture is one of them. The exterior design is full of gracefulness but still looks calm. The outside wall is made of flagstone but it does not feel heavy at all. I think it is because of the tall structure and the inside windows. The lovely terrace with three black hanging lamps also gives good vibe to the overall design. Unfortunately, I cannot see the front door well because of the tree. However, the light grey roof and the stylish blue attic windows complete the gorgeous exterior design.

Georgian Homes features Top Floor Balcony by Burns and Beyerl Architects

By Bruce Wayne
Besides French style, Georgian house architecture is also stylish. The picture above appears sophisticated with Georgian style. I love this house because it looks simple but still outstanding. The exterior on each floor of the house is created well. The first floor only consists of one wood door and white porch with two columns. Strangely, it does not feel boring at all thanks to the door’s great design. The concrete stair with simple black fence and two white pots of flowers enhance the exterior. The second floor only consists of one brown window that matches well with the first floor’s concept. The third floor gives freshness to the entire look thanks to the white pretty fences and grey windows’ frames and roof trim.

Gorgeous French Home Exterior features Mansard Roof by Burns and Beyerl Architects

By Bruce Wayne
The house is long and tall because it consists of three floors or even four if there is any basement. The exterior of this house is completely usual except the stick out windows on two floors. The white wall and the white windows frames complete each other and the house looks clean. The design of the windows is simple and common, so do the door. I like the way the owner place different color to the door that matches with the black fence. The black door seems elegant among the white wall. A nice thing that I notice is the red brick wall in front of the door has same style with the two chimneys.

Lovely Exterior Home Ideas features Yellow Siding and Crisp White Moldings

By Bruce Wayne
When the first time I see the house, I feel that it is full of cheerfulness yet warm. The yellow sliding wall, in my opinion, becomes the main point of the exterior. It is quite hard to pull of yellow into the outside wall but this house nails it. The yellow color does not appear too intense but clear enough to make the house bright. In addition, the green roof becomes a very nice touch to the house and it blends with the nature. The beautiful garden at the front yard and the ivy above the porch add positive points to the exterior. I really love how the designer tries to make the house harmonizing with the green surrounding.

Astounding French Style Homes features French Roof by MC Construction Group

By Bruce Wayne
A typical French architecture can be found in this house. The most remarkable sign is in the roof that looks like a captain’s hat. The exterior of this house is quite simple but I love the details on the tall wall that make the house appears lovely. The windows on the second floor that seems unite with the wall are also gorgeous. Talking about windows, the windows on the highest floor are also quite impressive because it has similar concept with the column on the first floor. Moreover, the first floor is also distinctive with the small terrace. Unfortunately, the terrace cannot be seen clearly due to the lack of light.

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