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Modern Girls Room with Acrylic Bubble Hanging Chair by Helen Davis Design

By Bruce Wayne
In a contemporary bedroom made for a girl, this kind bubble hanging chair is really fun furniture to add. This is not only because the design is matching with the contemporary idea. Instead, it is also because the chair can be used as alternative to reading sofa. In other words, it can be said to be suitable furniture for those who love to read comfortably in their bedroom. Because of the bubble design, it seems to be not hard to make the chair idea for the overall color theme of the room. However, being careful in choosing still needs to be done. It is especially because there is a cushion feature with certain color included in the chair design.

Classy Girls Bedroom fatures Arched Window Seat Nook filled with Daybed by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
This window seat is quite nice factually. This is not only decorated with colorful pillows. Instead, this can also function as a daybed with really nice scenery of the outside. The symmetrical design used in this window seat is nice as well since everything looks neater. However, on the walls near the both sides of the window, there are places that seem to be designed to insert some pictures in between. The way the pictures are placed or even arranged is totally not nice since it only breaks the symmetrical design applied in all other parts of the room. Erasing these parts is totally fine I think. Instead, this can make everything looks better.

Fabulous Girls Bedroom features Kids Room Art Wall by Braun Adams

By Bruce Wayne
Art wall in white bedroom designed for kids can be added in the way that shown in this inspirational design. Here, the wall arts are framed neatly in white color and then hung on wall so the room will not lack of color since something like this can really be boring for kids. However, if see closely, the some of the wall arts seem to be not so suitable for kids. For teenagers, something like these is still fine but for kid these may lack of fun and cheerful atmosphere, except for the colors. It would be overtop is the wall arts are made more suitable for kids’ world.

Chic Kids Room with Pink Grasscloth by McCann Design Group

By Bruce Wayne
If you have a daughter and you want to design her room fabulously, this example is simply perfect. The perfection is not only located in the balanced and consistence used of pink color here and there. It is also located in the truth that the room can be used not only when your daughter is still a kid but also when she grows older. However, I think it would be outstanding if the choice of carpet flooring is replaced with something that is easier to maintain. Of course, it is still nice to add smaller area rug made in the same color and material with the carpet flooring material.

Stunning Girls Bedroom features Pink and Green Window Seat by Jenny Wolf Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
This window seat idea is not only inspirational because it shows that green and pink are factually colors that can be compatible to one another perfectly. This kind of idea is also perfect to create alternative bed when the girl’s room is rather limited in space or when it is located in second floor where beautiful view can be seen easily. A thing that is not really good from this window seat is that everything is designed too symmetrically. While there are some same pillows stacked on the cushion, it would be better if the pillows are totally different from one another without ignoring the green and pink color theme.

Small Girls Bedroom features Pink French Sleigh Kids Bed by Isabel Lopez Quesada

By Bruce Wayne
Simple design is totally fine to use in kids bedrooms, including also the ones that are made for little girls. However, this one is way too simple. It even looks more like lodging instead of a room for girls. Even the choice of pink theme is quite nice, still this room is lacking in something. That is why, according to my opinion, changing the curtains with the ones that are more colorful can makes everything better. If wanted, some choices of vintage French fabric can be chosen for the curtains. Of course, here the choice of color should be paid attention as well. The best color choices to consider is pale pink or even tan since these can match the room color theme the most.

Beautiful Girls Bedroom features Cole & Son Magnolia Pink Wallpaper by Braun Adams

By Bruce Wayne
The pink wallpaper with magnolia pattern in this girl’s room is used perfectly by the designer. This can be seen from the way the wallpaper is combined with any other items in the room that has the same color theme even the shades can be different. Other than this, the pink color is combined prettily with white color of the ceiling, curtains, furniture and windows. The thing that may be found to be quite irritating is the wooden flooring, which color disturbs the whole sweet theme of pink and white. Thankfully, there is an area rug placed at least to make the flooring detail compatible to the whole theme.

Beautiful Girls Room features Bungalow 5 Tansu 2 Drawer Side Table by Jenny Wolf Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
The idea of using this drawer side table in the girl’s bedroom for two is nice in the way the green color is compatible with the green, pink, and white color theme added to the room. Moreover, the design of the drawer is simply stunning with some touches of brass detail every corner. Although it is so, if the bedroom is really design for two, a side table like this is I think not enough since every occupant of the room might have some private items she needs to store closely to her when sleeping, such as diary, glasses, books, or something else. That is why, adding two side tables in room for two like this is better as a matter of fact.

Comfortable Tan and Green Kids Bedrooms with Zimba Wallpaper Lined by McCann Design Group

By Bruce Wayne
The main idea of mixing the use of tan color in this bedroom for little girls is factually interesting. It is especially because the color options can make the room usable longer, since this is not only suitable for little girls but older. However, it cannot be denied that there is a major lack can be seen in the same space. It is that there are too many patterns used on the walls so the room looks too crowded. For the wallpaper, I think it is nicer to use the pattern in one side only so the room will also have an accent wall. If the wall on which the window and the shade are located is plain white, it is fine to use shade with such busy pattern. On the contrary, if the wall is already crowded, it is better for the shade to be plain.

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