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Beautiful Small Garden with Zen Garden features Pond by Nadia Designs

By Bruce Wayne
Well, this Zen garden looks quite perfect factually even if more detailed views cannot really be seen because of the picture-taking that is in quite a distance. Even so, it can be seen that the garden really contains the elements that are needed in order to create the peaceful atmosphere to anyone who sees it. The only lacking can be seen here is the choice of furniture that is too modern. This is mentioned to be a lack because the modern look of the furniture can possibly ruin the Zen atmosphere from the fabulous garden. It would be much better if the furniture is replaced with something more traditional Japan.

Lovely Backyard Gardens features Garden Urns by Loi Thai

By Bruce Wayne
I think the idea of using a lot of greens in this garden is simply peaceful and that is the reason why this kind of garden is more suitable to be located in backyard, which is in fact more private than front yard. However, there are too many greens seen in this garden and in some cases this may create a rather monotonous or even boring look. It would be much better when there are more traditional flowers added in the garden in order to add more colors. Other suggestion is to add more stepping stones or the same brick path to erase the impression of being too monotonous.

Exciting Side Garden features Zen Garden with Garden Bricks by Sawyer Berson

By Bruce Wayne
Let me just be honest. This Zen garden can be said to be one of the worst that I have ever seen. It is not merely about the lack of Zen value and atmosphere in it so the garden cannot really give the peaceful state of mind common Zen garden usually give. This is also about the surroundings that are not really suitable to Zen idea. However, it is still something fixable. One of the ways is by changing all plants surrounding the garden with something with more Japanese touches. Of course, plants included in Zen plants category is the best ones to consider here.

Amazing Greenhouse Ideas features an Antiqued Mirrored Moravian Star by Griffiths Construction

By Bruce Wayne
The idea of using woods and bricks materials in this green house is fascinating. The reason why I say so is not only based on the really elegant look both materials resulted. This is more about the natural atmosphere resulted. This kind of atmosphere is always perfect for a green house, right? The compatibility of the rustic island and brick flooring can build a string warm atmosphere which can balance the nature feeling in the green house. The thing that needs to be paid attention to maybe located in the lighting system that is installed tall enough. In this case, you better be sure that the light is enough to make everything you plant under the lamps grow nicely.

Stunning French Pool House features Garden with Pergola

By Bruce Wayne
The use of pergola in this garden design is undeniably beautiful. This builds such a romantic atmosphere, especially because white is the main color chosen. This color does not only blend perfectly with the flowery plants and also caged lamp. Instead, this is also compatible with the surroundings quite nicely. Unfortunately, there is a set of chair in a rather different color that simply looks like a mismatch in the design in overall. White chairs would definitely be better to choose, aren’t these? Other alternative solution is adding white pillows or cushions in order to make everything match to one another more ideally.

Elegant French Garden with Freestanding French Double Sided Fireplace and Outdoor Dining Table Set

By Bruce Wayne
The idea of using freestanding double-sided fireplace in this French-styled garden is quite fabulous. It is not merely about the fact that the fireplace is so elegant. As a matter of fact, this item also has the ability to add more warmth in the area. That is why the garden is factually also suitable to be called as perfect alternative to indoor dining area. Besides, this is also such a fine garden to choose as an outdoor party venue, especially when the party is held at night when the dramatic effect shown by the fireplace can be seen even better compared to when the party is held at day.

Fabolous French Garden with Black and White Harlequin Floor features Outdoor Long Dining Table Set

By Bruce Wayne
This garden and outdoor dining area look very elegant and fabulous as a matter of fact. The matching color theme between the gate and the tiles are simply perfect. Unfortunately, the dining chairs are made with chrome-colored framed so the chairs look like something that is separated from the whole theme. I think it would be nicer if the chair frame is black in color and the cushion is white. Other than that, it is also quite possible to make the frame white and the cushion black instead. So I guess everything here is perfect except for the chrome color of the dining chairs.

Country Garden House with Sliding Doors features Striped Sofa Covers by Brooke Wagner Design

By Bruce Wayne
The idea of adding a garden house like this is factually amazing. The main reason why it is said to be so is because the garden house can really be an alternative living area where more activities that are quite impossible to be done inside the house can be done. However, the fact that the garden house looks rather closed even if there are sliding doors used as the main entrances creates no difference between the garden house and other interior spaces in the house. It would be much better when more large windows or even glass walls are used instead of the brick walls to create more open atmosphere as well as more natural feeling.

Small Backyard Garden features Outdoor Concrete Garden Sink by McCann Design Group

By Bruce Wayne
Adding this kind of garden concrete sink is an interesting idea you should give a try if you really love to grow plants. However, I cannot lie that this concrete sink is not really pleasant to see. It is not about the design but more to the coloring that makes the sink finally look quite unclean. To deal with this, adding color, which is of course still compatible to the exterior color of the house can be a good solution. Other than this, if you have this kind of sink you should not forget to clean it regularly so there will be no moss making the look to be quite unpleasant to see.

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