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Modern Garage Organization DIY features Garage Work Station by California Closets

By Bruce Wayne
Differ from our common garage, this garage workstation is designed neatly. Everything has its own place. This idea can be beneficial in order to renovate our messy garage. As you can see, the California Closets provide the utilizing storage for repairing equipment. The closet seems easy to clean. The color scheme used in this design is metallic and glossy grey color and black color. In my opinion, this design is created in a contemporary design by looking at the use of color scheme, the design of the closet, and the form of handle in the closet door. It is just perfect for me, isn’t it?

Fabulous Garage Organization Ideas features Wall Mounted Track System Garage by Transform Home

By Bruce Wayne
By looking at this picture, it shows that people can utilize the blank space of the wall. Rather than leave the wall empty, we can add some tools or racks like the picture to store several items including our beloved bike. The contemporary design can be seen from its shape, design, material and color. The usage of steel as the main material make the wall mounted track system garage become solid and strong. I think I’ll be able to arrange the garage neatly by utilizing this system. It can make the room become neat and look so stylish, can’t it?

Garage Decor features Man Cave with Ivory Wood Paneled Walls by Muskoka Living

By Bruce Wayne
By looking at the design picture, I just realize that we can arrange the garage differently. From what we can see in the picture, the garage can be in the same area with living room and dining room. It can make your room seem larger without making a border between one to another. It is appropriate for those who want to do everything in one place like in a big cave, isn’t it? The color scheme is combining brown or woody, cream, white and black colors. This design is classic but combining with industrial design. It can be seen from the use of floor, wall, lamp and other parts of the room.

Home Garage Design features His and Her Garage with Gray Garage Doors by HAR

By Bruce Wayne
This design is unique but beautiful. By looking at this picture, it evokes my memory to a certain hotel. This design is unique by looking at the building design. The windows are placed differently. By looking at the unique alignment and design, this design can be classified as transitional. I also like the garage door design. Moreover, the existence of chimney on the top of the building is also unique but I love it. The beautiful arrangement of the plants makes me amused. It is neat, simple but amazingly beautiful. Yet, I think it needs more windows to let the air comes, don’t I?

Traditional Style Home features Black Garage Doors by Patrick Ahearn Architecture

By Bruce Wayne
By seeing this picture, it reminds me with a Hollywood movie named Pitch Perfect or something. It happens because it uses the similar color and design of its wall for the building design. So, I like it so much. I like the idea of contrasting the white walls with the black doors. I love the using of dormer windows because it adds the beauty of the building. The lamp over the black door spices up the design. Yet, I think the roof especially the roof tile needs some paintings because the color is like worn out. I think it can be better with black color. What about you, readers?

Excellent Garage Designs features Black Garage Doors by Anne Decker Architects

By Bruce Wayne
Looking at the picture, the garage is designed in a traditional structure. Yet, I think this garage idea has a contemporary element by using the contrast color: black and white and symmetrical shapes. That is why the uniqueness of this garage is that it classic but modern at the same time. I like the way everything is placed in a balance way. It can be seen from its alignment. It is simple but beautiful. In addition, the garage design make the building become the center of attention in the green environment. It is perfect to make the building outstanding. So, what do you think about this design, readers?

Elegant Organized Garage features Stainless Steel Garage Cabinets by Transform Home

By Bruce Wayne
The first impression of this picture is that everything is put and placed nicely and neatly. It is very excellent to arrange the equipment in that way. Thus, it can erase my judgment that the garage is always messy and dirty. Then, the futuristic and transitional design arises from looking at the cabinet design and its color. Yes, the combination of chrome color, grey and black. Everything looks silky as it is designed from the stainless steel and makes someone see it dazzled. I think it is better to reduce the glossy colors. How about you?

Classic Home Exterior features Gray Paneled Garage Door by McCann Design Group

By Bruce Wayne
Once I see the picture, my eyes keep focusing on the top of the building. I don’t know why but the shape is unique or precisely speaking weird. This building reminds me with the design of “Pojok Benteng” building in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Or perhaps, it seems like a crown. In my opinion, this idea is best for those who want to be outstanding or different from the other. What I like form this idea is that the combination of white and grey color and the big window. Yet, I think it is not appropriate to add that circular window over there. How about you?

Luxury Home features Porte Cochere Cupola

By Bruce Wayne
This design evokes my mind to think about living in a private castle or becoming a very rich person. The garage is designed exclusively in the beautiful terrace. The garage is blended nicely with its environment and shows the beauty of your car. The uniqueness speaks louder by the existence of the dormer window design. The classic lamps spice up the beauty of the building. Yet, my concern lays on the black line that gives me the strong emotion from the building. In my opinion, the lack of the building lays on its roof painting. I think it is better to re-paint it. Do you agree with me?

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