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Contemporary Entrance Foyer features Round Glass Top Foyer Table by Ashley Goforth Design

By Bruce Wayne
This round glass top foyer table is fantastic with unique design. It is very appropriate to be used for contemporary and industrial home design idea. I am amazed with the perfect combination between the glass top and the steel legs. They match perfectly one to another. Moreover, I like the round shape that similar to the round top. Moreover, it is accompanied with the industrial lamp. Yet, I do like it better if the table is positioned as the center of the picture or the door is closed. Thus, the center of the attention can be the table only, can’t it?

Contemporary Entrance Foyers features Gray Foyer Table with Turquoise Stools by Braun Adams

By Bruce Wayne
After seeing this picture, I cannot stop my mouth to say, “This is my style”. The gray foyer table is design femininely with simple but beautiful design. It is so charming combined with pastel color wall scheme. The existence of turquoise stools spices up the entire pastel atmosphere with stronger emotion. I like the use of color for this design. The design of stool legs is unique with “bamboo-like” design. Yet, it seems to me that it is not strong enough, doesn’t it? I think it is better to use the bigger shape and stronger material for the stool legs.

Awesome Foyer Entrance features F Schumacher Summer Palace Fret Wallpaper by Melanie Stewart Designs

By Bruce Wayne
Since my first time seeing this picture, I cannot help for being dizzy looking at the wallpaper pattern. This design is unique but I do not like it. The wallpaper is too much for me. In my opinion, it is better to use less complicated pattern. Another way is by reducing the amount of that wallpaper. In fact, I like the use of the color scheme in that house. Moreover, I like the decoration that can spice up the happy and summer mood in the room. This room brings the cool and warm atmosphere at the same time. What about your opinion?

Modern Foyers features Curved Staircase Wall with Board and Batten by The Design Atelier

By Bruce Wayne
Starting from the first time I see the stair and its curved wall, it reminds me with the fourth series of Harry Potter movie, The Goblet of Fire. Yes, the design seems similar to Riddle’s house. This design is unique, simple and stylish. Even if this design only uses three colors, black, brown and white, it is so amazing to create such a beauty. I also like the way the designer uses an item on the wall which seems to me as a unique lamp. It gives enough decoration for white and wide space. This transitional design is worth to consider, isn’t it?

Classic Foyer features Concentric Cabinet with Navy Lamp Designed by Braun Adams

By Bruce Wayne
Starting from the first time I see the picture, I cannot bring myself to not love this cabinet. It is simple, beautiful, charming and perfect. I just love it so much. This cabinet becomes the center of the attention by being contrast with the black dark wall. It is designed in a simple way but the golden doorknob makes it look so glamor by its design, color and shape. The Navy Lamp is so charming and perfect with its design and light that it produces. The small flower vase is tiny, cute and charming. Yet, the existence of the picture or something behind the flower vas and lamp is so weird to me, isn’t it?

Country Foyer features Brass and Marble Foyer Table by Braun Adams

By Bruce Wayne
My impression, after looking at the picture, is that I want this stair for my home. It is not steep and seems comfortable to walk. Moreover, I think it is not slippery to children to walk over. In addition, the chosen color scheme is not too light or too dark. It is just beautiful for a homey living place. In addition, the use of wooden material brings the warm atmosphere for the room. Yet, I think it is better for the entrance door to be painted with white color or brown color. I think it is too dark where the room is quite light, don’t you?

Wonderful Foyer features Bound Seagrass Stair Runner by Braun Adams

By Bruce Wayne
Looking at the picture, it reminds me with a common design that often can be seen in the Hollywood movie. This home evokes my mind to think that this design is very home and warm for living with a big family. The small stairs is designed nicely with light peach color from woody materials for its floor. I think it brings the warmness and light emotion. In my opinion, it is good to add the stair cloth to add the beauty and prevent the stair floors for being slippery. Yet, I think the lighting is too dazzling at the left area, don’t you?

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