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French Breakfast Nook Furniture features Bay Window Breakfast Nook by Sabbe Interior Design

By Bruce Wayne
Bay Window Breakfast Nook – Transitional – Dining Room This Breakfast nook, which is located next to a bay window, is a great idea to get inspired from when it comes to a dining area in a house that is quite limited in space. The reason is of course because there is a window-seat as alternative to common furniture for dining, which definitely takes too much space. However, the choice of color here is not really nice to see because everything is in neutral shade. It would be livelier when some bright colors are added. Neutral shade is not the only choice of color can be added to small interior design, right?

Fascinating Dining Room with Grasscloth and Wainscoting by Sabbe Interior Design

By Bruce Wayne
When your dining room area looks too plain, adding more textures or pattern can be really helpful in making everything better. The example, I guess, can be seen in this dining room design in which grasscloth is the one chosen for the walls. There is even wainscoting installed under the grasscloth. The last but not least example is the use of chevron rug under the table also helps in adding more patterns in any plain dining room. The thing that is quite catchy is the door at the back that is better to be opened once in a while, not only to blend nature with the dining area but also to let in fresh air.

Transitional Dining Room Furniture features Black Klismos Dining Chairs by Sabbe Interior Design

By Bruce Wayne
For you who are looking for a good example of balanced and nice-looking dining room, I think this one can be taken as the one. There are simply so many inspirations you can obtain from this room design. For example, the addition of back color in a room that is designed with mostly neutral color is done really well because the black color of the chairs is combined with neutral color cushion. Other great idea for you to know is the idea to cover the wooden flooring with neutral rug in order to avoid something that is not suitable to the room design to catch too much attention.

Traditional Pastel Dining Room features French Dining Table Set by At Home in Arkansas

By Bruce Wayne
In many cases, beauty in simplicity is something wanted by nowadays homeowner. That is the reason why a traditional design seen in this dining room is a good choice to consider I think. This design is away from complicated impression. Even the decoration used on the table is just a simple beautiful flower in light purple color that matches the color of some throw pillow at the window seat located next to the dining room. Unfortunately, the chandelier lighting looks to be hanged too low so it can possibly be a disturbance sometime. Higher placement is definitely a better decision in this case.

Awesome Breakfast Room Furniture features Dark Gray Tufted Dining Banquette by Martha O’Hara Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
Well, the idea of creating this kind of banquette is really nice factually, especially when the mean is to use some extra spaces in the house, which is only suitable to build something like this. Though, it cannot be denied that the banquette and table makes everything to look rather crowded. That is why the pillows above the banquette should be removed to make everything more comfortable. To add more colors, placing decorations on the table can be a good idea to consider, but of course you should not place too many decorations too. It would be nicer if the decorations are functional, such as bright-colored dining wares.

Gorgeous Eat in Kitchen Designs features Vintage Dining Table with Armless Settee by Martha O’Hara Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
Creating a different look in your dining area can be done simply by choosing a specific type of furniture. The example can be seen in this design, in which armless settee is the style chosen by the designer. This kind of design makes the dining room to feel like a table you can reserve at dining place with vintage atmosphere. Hopefully, the window shades we all can see in this dining room design are something not permanent so these can be opened whenever wanted and the dining area does not always get the closed design that is boring to own all the time.

Luxury Black and white French Round Back Dining Chairs by Lucy and Company

By Bruce Wayne
The idea of color combination I can see in this dining room design is really nice. It does not only make the entire room feels warmer. Instead, it also creates such an inviting atmosphere in the same room. Although it is so, it cannot be denied that there are several things that should be reconsidered here because those are not really suitable to the height or the room that is quite low. The things meant here are nothing else but the high-back chair and also the long chandelier above the table. Since the room looks rather small too, it would be nicer if the number of chair in there is reduced when not really needed.

Sophisticated Gray Dining Room features Dark Oval Dining Table Lined with Natural Linen Dining Chairs by Shabby Slips Austin

By Bruce Wayne
In my opinion, the basic concept that is related to the selection of color combination in this dining room is really nice, in which gray, black and some neutral colors meet in a place. However, the details are not really nice. Moreover, the room can be said to be the picture of an untidy room after you move in to a new house and not yet tidying up. This can be seen in the choice of curtains and chair covers that are not neat at all. It would be nicer if the curtains are smoother and the chair covers are neater at the lower part.

Elegant Dining Nook with Doric Columns and Window Seat Bench by Shabby Slips Austin

By Bruce Wayne
As an example of breakfast nook you can get inspired from, I think there are several things found in this design that are better to be consider, basically because these makes the room to be less interesting and functional. The first thing to correct here is the use of round table that is factually quite tricky since this makes not all part of the long banquette to be usable or it makes only few people can share the table. The next thing is the addition of the three chairs. The chairs do not only block the way to access the banquette and sit on it. Instead these also block some parts of the banquette so the cushion cannot be used maximally.

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