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Stylish Home Office features Chrome Sawhorse Desk with Glass Top by One Kings Lane

By Bruce Wayne
This office room is so refreshing and cute. I love the large board behind the desk that features many celebrity pictures as the main decorative items. I also adore the plain white wall which symbolizes purity. The French door looks very interesting and it can be functioned as the main focus of the room. The flat white ceiling with multiple downlight provides an ample lighting. The glass top desk is very wonderful it can add more value to the room. I also love the way the home designer install exotic wooden flooring. Every single thing in this room is magic because I can’t see any negativity on it.

Simply Modern Home Library features with Marble Fireplace with Original Marble Fireplace Flanked by One Kings Lane

By Bruce Wayne
I love this library and office room which is simply perfect for modern house. I love the freestanding bookshelves and also large mirror hanging on the wall. Moreover, the black sofa will provide an enjoyable reading time. I find this room is very interesting with marble fire place that will warm up the room at night. And also warm fur rug seems perfect in the winter season. The wooden floor also captivates my attention with its sleek line. I can’t see any bad arrangement of this room because each item is well placed and well organized. What a great interior design!

Wonderful Home Office features Wood Parsons Desk by Jamie Keskin Design

By Bruce Wayne
Library or office desk must be designed carefully because it will be useful to boost the mood. In the picture above, I can see an elegant design of office room. I love the lowered chairs that come in blue. Blue will surely give soothing effect. Most importantly, the cozy white small mattresses will let the home owner to stay longer. I also love the idea of placing a sweet framed flower picture on the wall. I think the wallpapered wall is a bit exaggerated because it will distract the reader’s concentration. I prefer to paint the wall with the plain color like white to give a touch of purity. I simply love every single element of this room.

Comfortable Girl’s Homework Room features Modern Furniture set by Erin Gates Design

By Bruce Wayne
In this room I can see a sweet touch of contemporary style. I love the soothing color on the wall. The soft blue wall is very sweet and it gives perfect ambiance to the room. This office room is comfortable because of the black fabric chair that allows the home owners to have an enjoyable sit. The large glossy white desk make the home owner feel save to finish the work. I think it’s very adorable to place mini board on the wall to pin up the most important reminder. Moreover, a large white carpet under the chair keep the room fresh and clean because there will be no dust left. I personally think that this room is quite nice.

Contemporary Home Office features Wallpapered Wainscoting and Dark Gray Ceiling Accented by Sotheby’s Realty

By Bruce Wayne
The first time I see this room, I can react like “wow, it’s wonderful”. It seems that the interior designer doesn’t want to go with the trend that commonly use white as the basic color tone for a library office. The glossy black really mesmerizing and it looks extraordinary with gorgeous chandelier. The large motif carpet also beautifies the room with the mosaic pattern. The twin black framed window can provide additional lighting during the day light which is absolutely very good. The placement of the main desk is also appropriate because it still allows the home owner to move here and there. This room is a wonderful artistic work that I should really appreciate.

Elegant Home Office features Black Desk with White Chair by Authenticity B Designs

By Bruce Wayne
Black and white always become my favorite color for home interior because it can provide dramatic look. Therefore, I will easily love this room because of its interesting color tone. The black open shelving system behind the main desk is look extravagant especially its matte appearance. I also like the white cozy chairs that features fluffy material. But I think the abstract painting on the shelves is not appropriate. It is better to move the abstract painting on the wall it gives different accent to the plain white wall. I adore the sleek wooden flooring which is exactly not out of place.

Stylish Home Office features Bay Window with White Desk and Gray Chair by Authenticity B Designs

By Bruce Wayne
This home office library looks cheek and cute especially with its pastel color. Moreover, the cute small gray chair give comfortable feeling to the home owner when the sit on. I love the wide open bay window that allows fresh air to fill the room. It can also provide the most amazing view especially during the stressing time. I also adore the large white carpeting floor that provides enjoyable time to work. This room features umber one quality furniture and it can be seen from the luxurious French door as the main entrance. I think there is no need to say bad words about this room because I really like it.

Classic Style for Work Space features Built In Desk with Glass Pulls by D2 Interieurs

By Bruce Wayne
White is the most appropriate color tone for home office or library. Therefore, it’s not surprising if the hoe owner of this room is mainly painted in white. I really love the wall-mount shelving system that can accommodate more books. Moreover, the cozy white fabric chair will provide enjoyable reading time. I think the table looks plain so that it needs decorative element like potted flower or cute photo frame which will surely refresh the atmosphere. I also like the patterned backsplash that is very wonderful to adorn the plain room. All I can say is this transitional home office room is very sweet and elegant.

Traditional Home Office with Pink Rug and French Doors by House of Harper

By Bruce Wayne
This contemporary library office is very cute and charming especially with its vibrant colour. I love the way the home interior designer mix and match the different kind of furniture. The elegant white sofa provides comfortable reading time. And also, the vibrant orange chairs are complementing the wonderful scene. I must say that it is great to place a large pink rug on the floor because it can be the main focus of the interior design. Most importantly, the French door is a perfect piece of furniture that is function as the main gate. I see no imperfection in this room. It’s absolutely perfect.

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