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Excotic Seaside Deck features Stucco Outdoor Fireplace and Wicker Sofa Set by Kelly Nutt Design

By Bruce Wayne
This deck is very beautiful because the transparent glass window allows the home owner to have a chance to look at beautiful open sea. Moreover, I love every piece of furniture placed in this deck. Begin with the rattan bench where the home owner can rest comfortably. And also alluring single blue chairs which is probably fit with the scenery outside. Actually I love the idea to place a large fireplace in this deck, but it will be perfect if the wall on the fire place has bright tone. Fresh green will make the deck look natural so that it will give more soothing effect.

Modern Outdoor Patio with Outdoor Fireplace and Wicker Sofa Set by Luxe Interiors and Design

By Bruce Wayne
I love the idea of outdoor patio in the picture above. The elegant deck patio represents togetherness and happiness of a family with its warm atmosphere by featuring wonderful outdoor fire place. I think the gorgeous brown hard-wooden deck is also captivating and it makes the area feel classy. I also love the hard stone walling which is great to show wonderful architecture. Moreover, the long cozy sofa will make the home owner feel comfortable and relax especially at night. I see no imperfection in this deck patio. I just can say “it’s perfect” because there is also a large green field to look at.

Fresh Backyard features Lush Outdoor Garden Ideas and Teak Lounge by McCann Design Group

By Bruce Wayne
Fresh green dominating the scene and it’s so lovely. I love the placement of the lounge chairs where the home owners will have a good time to sun bathing. With soothing blue color, the lounge chairs and the fluffy pillows will add more soothing feeling. I think the outdoor garden is a brilliant idea especially to release the stress out. Large green grass field is quite plain therefore there must be decorative items. Long bench or long table in front of the lounge chairs will definitely a good idea. Over all, this garden is a perfect transitional place to rest the tired body

Elegant White Theme Covered Patio with Outdoor Sectional by McCann Design Group

By Bruce Wayne
I think this desk patio is very great. The design is simply wonderful with elegant white theme. I love how the designer builds the deck patio in front of an open ocean. The decorative surfing board on the wall emphasizing the beauty of wonderful see and fluffy pillow makes the visitor enjoy the scenery. But I think there should be vibrant color featured in the room. Plain white makes the natural scenery look dull so that I think add more popping color accent like yellow in the table would be nice. Soft orange marble tile is a great choice for the flooring because it helps to neutralize the plain color.

Backyard features In-Ground Pool with Wrought Iron Patio Furniture by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
I love every single item in this deck which are well-combined and most importantly it creates harmonious scene. The wrought iron seating feat cozy long white sofa is a great item placed in an open area. I also love the atmosphere displayed in the picture. The deck is surrounded by green vegetation which is perfect to calm and release stress. The blue pool just another great view, because the family can also spend the time by swimming and enjoying a cup of tea in the deck. But I honestly don’t really like the flooring area with raw stone material. It will be better to feature marble tile to show cleaner look to the deck. But overall, I adore this elegant deck.

Outdoor Deck Patio features Orange and Black Deck Design by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
This deck patio is very wonderful and mesmerizing especially with the bright summer trees. I love the elegant white chairs that represent purity in an open space. Most importantly the orange large carpet gives more refreshment with its vibrant tone. But I don’t really like the large abstract painting near the wall. I think the large painting should be removed and it can be replaced by the existence of small fire place. The fireplace would be useful at night especially when the owner of the house want to spend the time with family. Other than that, I have no doubt that this deck patio is the most gorgeous design I’ve ever seen.

Contemporary Paneled Sunroom features Comfortable Gray Slipcovered Chairs Surrounding by Don Crowell Builders

By Bruce Wayne
This sun room is totally amazing especially on the color composition. I love the clustered wooden wall in this room which makes the whole scene look dramatic and convincing. The ravishing gray comfy sofa also adds more value to the room. I must appreciate on how the designer makes this room look like an old piece without making severe problem into the furniture department. The rough wooden table perfectly fit with the scene and also industrial ceiling concept give another perfect shot. The large rug under the seating area is also wonderful especially for more warm feeling.

Small Backyard features Treehouse with Slide by Rue Magazine

By Bruce Wayne
Some people may need family gathering spot to blur any boundaries so that they usually build an additional outdoor space. Just like in the picture above, I think the home owner is very creative. The owner builds a unique tree house which will eventually attract the family members’ attention with its comfy feature. The sturdy wooden material looks promising and I like how the designer chooses the tone. Soft gray with purple door complements the green garden. The tree house will probably be loved by so many kids because there is a versatile slide to play around. I think this transitional place is perfect and there is no bad word to describe it.

Small Porch Ideas with Turquoise Patio Table and Chairs by Rue Magazine

By Bruce Wayne
An outdoor deck is a perfect meeting point especially when the weather is hot. This picture shows a wonderful design of outdoor deck where there are two gorgeous turquoise chairs. I love the iron material features in the furniture. It gives a touch of spaciousness and most importantly it looks durable. The path way into the main gate is also interesting with simple white colored stone. I also love the main building which brings colonial theme into the frame. White clustered wall gives more convincing atmosphere especially it is surrounded with green trees. I should clearly say that this house is very beautiful with every single of its design.

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