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Breathtaking Walk in Closet Design features Mirrored Cabinets for Sunglasses by Rock Paper Hammer

By Bruce Wayne
Women love to show off everything they have especially their wonderful fashion taste. Expensive shoes, luxurious wallet, beautiful dresses need an elegant and appropriate closet so that they will be well-displayed. In the picture above, I can see a nice cabinet that features most recent shoes’ model. Moreover, to create an illusion of larger shoes’ cabinet, there is a large mirror glass. I think the arrangement of the shoes is not that good because it look messy. There must be additional storage by placing a small cabinet with several drawers in the middle of the room. All in all, I love this dressing room but no for the arrangement.

Extraordinary Rustic Closet Island with Gold Beveled Mirror by Vintage South Development

By Bruce Wayne
This room is very unique with its raw-look especially on its furniture. It seems that the interior designer let the natural wooden furniture dominating the room. I love the small cabinet with drawers in the center. It can practically store small items that easily nowhere to be found. The large closet island can accommodate all the collection of recent fashion items, but I feel bad for the arrangement which somehow look crowded and unorganized. To neutralize the rustic look, I think it will be nice if the floor replaced with ceramic tile to give a touch of modernity. I also adore the small dressing table near the wall which looks very simple.

Classy White Closet with Built In Dressing Table by Transform Home

By Bruce Wayne
Women will eventually spend their time in dressing room before they go to an event. Therefore, the dressing room must be simple and elegant just like in the picture above. I love the white theme in this room but there must be a touch of vibrant color to give cheerful atmosphere to the room. I suggest painting the main closet with soft pink or soft fresh lime color. Other than that, I love the minimalist dressing table with a large mirror on the wall. The clustered window brings the fresh air into the room to boost the mood. I also love the flooring design with soft peach marble which is absolutely give a cute feminine look.

Modern Closet Organizer Ideas features Closet Island with Black Drum Pendant by Transform Home

By Bruce Wayne
When I see the picture above, I think the interior designer brings luxurious theme into this room. It can be seen from the placement of giant white closet that surrounded the room. It’s like a closet that I dream to have. With transparent glass, the closet displays the most beautiful collection of shoes and clothes. I like the large cabinet in the middle of the room where it is versatile enough to place the newest fashion magazines that shows many recent fashion trends. The ethnic chairs also complement the scene that brings exotic atmosphere into the room. And the scone as the main lighting for me is a bravo!

Beautiful Dressing Room Vanity Furniture features Ruffled Makeup Vanity by Patrick Cline

By Bruce Wayne
Dressing room usually features the simplest decoration and it usually comes in white. But in this room, the simplest thing can be the most attracting scene. I love the dark blue indigo wall decoration which makes the room look exclusive and glamorous plus the ruffled vanity. The chair gives me an old memory where vintage style became the most trending style. I also love the antique mirror right in front of the makeup table. But it seems too artificial to bring wooden floor. I prefer the home interior designer to install marble flooring for more luxurious feeling and most importantly it will show its first class.

Gorgeous Foyer Design features Black and White Stenciled Walls with Sunburst Mirror by Bliss at Home

By Bruce Wayne
I think this transitional dressing table is quite nice especially there are some items that are very unique and antique. Starting from the hanging on mirror, the sunburst shape is making the room look classy. With its brown-golden tone, it brings back the old memory of Victorian age. I also love the unique blue patterned porcelain beautifying the small transitional room. But I think the wall must be painted with brighter color to cheer up the room. Probably, fresh lime or yellow will be the right option. The glossy laminate floor is a wonderful choice because it makes the room look clean and neat.

Closet Design Ideas features White Closet Doors with Gold Hardware by One Kings Lane

By Bruce Wayne
Simple and elegant is the theme of this room which I think it’s pretty interesting. There is also a touch of golden tone on its hardware which I think it’s very cute. The cozy long bench covered with mini fur rug will make the home owner feel comfortable when they are planning to dress up. I love the large white closet surrounding the room and I also adore the dressing table with make up vanities on it. The scone is also amazing because it can create dramatic lighting to the whole room. Although this room brings minimalist theme, but I love how the home designer give a touch of class style with its wooden flooring. It brings contrasting idea for the room that mostly comes in white.

Classy Walk in Closet Room features Dresser Vignette Ideas by One Kings Lane

By Bruce Wayne
I love how the home owners ordered each item in this dressing table. Dominated with black and white color, the home owners must have been tried so hard to find the most appropriate accessories to decorate this cute dressing table. I must appreciate the photo frames on the table but it seems there is no need to place more than one photo frame because it might distract the cosmetics displayed on the table. I like the idea of placing potted flower on the table because it gives feminine look. The large mirror will provide a good reflection especially to illuminate spaciousness of the room. I simply love this small vintage dressing table.

Closet Chic features Jewelry Cabinet with Pull Out Jewelry Trays

By Bruce Wayne
With a bunch of girls’ accessories, a large closet or jewelry cabinet is very essential. This room sums up what I’ve been thinking about dressing room. It has perfect interior design especially with elegant white color tone. The jewelry cabinet has pull out jewelry tray which makes the process of choosing the right jewelry to wear much easier. The lovely black base of the tray allows the most favorite jewelry to shine among the other. I appreciate that the home owner tries to bring vintage touch to the room, but I guess it will be nice if there are marble elements on the floor so that it can pop up glamorous look.

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