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Excellent Country Style for Boys Bedroom with Plank Walls by Helen Davis Design

By Bruce Wayne
This room has sleek and curvy theme which is absolutely simple and elegant. With dimensional headboard and a touch of black, white, and brown pattern, it can also bring ethnic nuance to the room. I really love the plank walls here, it simply elegant with soft creamy color. The black small cabinet next to the bed is also very well-placed. I also love the white bed sheet which can symbolize the purity. However, the desk lamp ruins the scene because the dreary light makes the room look gloomy. I highly recommend the owner to replace it with wall downlights which can illuminate brighter hues that can help to live up the boy’s bedroom.

Sleek and Organized for Cottage Boys Bedroom with Built in Bunk Beds by Beth Webb Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
Boy’s room always identical with sport theme which aims to show their masculinity. But in this picture, I can see an uncommon idea for boy’s room. It looks sleek and organized which is come in soft white wall decoration. Moreover, built-in bunk bed combined with large open shelving is another great idea. Elegant ethnic brown sheet framing the comfy pillow creates charming vintage scene. The folding door has its old style like in a cottage. And the hard-wooden floor is simply an amazing artistic work. I see no imperfection in this picture because all items are very well-combined and wonderfully organized.

Eco-Friendly Theme for Boys Room with Industrial Kids Bookcase by Betty Lou Phillips

By Bruce Wayne
Kids always clutter so many stuffs including their books in the floor which is very frustrating. In this picture, I can see an interesting movable book case which is made of unused items. It seems that the designer wants to bring eco-friendly theme into the room which is actually exaggerating in my opinion. The green grass rug is a failure because it makes the room feel untidy. But I love the grayish tone in the wall, it brings charming nuance that can give calming effect. The brown curtain also complementing the other schemes so that the room won’t look crowded without any reason.

Small Space Boys Bedroom features Burlap Kids Headboard by Betty Lou Phillips Design

By Bruce Wayne
I think this boy’s room is pretty wonderful especially with its limited space. The wooden burlap headboard gives an additional value especially to display classic theme. And I really love the idea to paint the wall with soft gray tone which is actually appropriate for boy’s room. The bed sheets with animal motif also beautify the main room. But I hate how the owners organized the table. It looks awful because the decorative items are not pleasing the eye. The old aluminum desk lamp should be removed and let it be replaced with the more beautiful one. But overall, I love the small space turn to this beautiful boy’s room.

Contemporary Kids room with Acrylic Book ledges Design by Sissy and Marley

By Bruce Wayne
I really love the reading room in this picture. It can portray futuristic theme where everything seems transparent and untouchable. Starting from the wall, I like the idea of making the wall look full with crowded pattern and also it comes with my favorite tone, black and white. Moreover, the transparent acrylic book shelves on the wall are just perfect that they don’t look inappropriate. However, I must say that the reading nook is not that nice because with that kind of seating concept there is no need for the reader to stay longer in the room. It will be better to change the seating concept with small couch where the reader can rest their leg.

Small Space Yellow and Gray Boys Bedroom by Jenny Wolf Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
I think this boy’s bedroom is great because the room has multifunction use. There is a reading nook by the window under futuristic curvy ceiling which is very amazing. The large window gives adequate lighting during the day light so that the room won’t look gloomy. In my opinion, the wallpapered wall is out of place and I think it is better to change it into a plain one which will create harmonious scene. White carpet under the sofa is another great choice because it will keep the dust away. Over all, I love this room design, pretty simple, captivating and elegant.

Simple and Elegant Boys Room features Industrial Kids Bookcases by Jenny Wolf Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
In my opinion, this room is very simple and elegant especially with its limited furniture. With minimalist theme, the designer has successfully brought eye-catching twin bookcases with its alluring dark gray tone. Moreover, the rustic grey wooden table brings another vintage touch to the modern look. But I actually feel that the yellow tone on the chair is not that pleasing. Green would be perfect tone for the chairs to neutralize gray and white hues in the room. While for the flooring area, wooden laminate flooring is the right option because it can provide warm nuance when the owner reads his or her favorite book.

Comfy Boys Bedroom features Charcoal Gray Window Seat by Jenny Wolf Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
This comfy nook by the window is absolutely cute with cozy fluffy pillow and large mattresses. The book storage under the mattresses can save more space because there is no need to place small cabinet. I think the idea of the black matte painted storage can give more spacious look since the items on it have vibrant color. I really like the stripes pattern in both, mattresses and the fluffy pillows with yellow accent. It just absolutely lit up the room. I think, it is better to lower the nook so that kids can also reach this comfy seating while enjoying their favorite book.

Comfortable Kids Room with Wallpapered Accent Wall Design by Jenny Wolf Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
Simple yet elegant is all I can say to the picture above. The white cozy sofa seems promising for kids who will enjoy their book for more hours. The fluffy cushion with soft color like yellow, dark brown and soft white will probably give calming effect. I really love the color featured here, but the wallpapered accent wall seems too much knowing that this room emphasize a simple concept. The wallpapered wall must be removed and replaces with plain wall with soothing color like blue or soft green. For the flooring area, there is no problem because hard-wooden flooring is recently trending.

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