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Excotic Cottage Bedroom Furniture features White Bedding by San Francisco Cottages and Gardens

By Bruce Wayne
I really like this simple white bedroom. The low profile bed is a great piece of furniture that will provide a good sleeping experience. Moreover, the giant abstract painting on the wall is surely gives artistic touch to this wonderful room. I can feel the fresh air that fills the whole room. The fresh air is resulted from the wide open French style window. But I think the small golden hanging lamp must be replaced with crystal chandelier. So that it gives beautiful decorative element to the actual plain room. Overall, I love this bedroom especially with laminate wooden flooring that also gives traditional touch to the room.

Excellent Master Bedroom with Doric Columns and White Slipcovered Sofas by Shabby Slips Austin

By Bruce Wayne
The first time I see this bedroom, I feel like watching the queen’s room. This bedroom has unique style which is almost the same as the royal member’s room. I love the Doric column that is used to place magnificent bed. Moreover, elegant white accentuate its exclusiveness. I love the matte gray tufted table. The large sofa also enables the family member to gather in this room. The large crystal chandelier gives a luxurious effect to this magnificent room. I also adore the large gray carpet flooring that is also give natural hue to the room. I have no complaint with this bedroom because everything is perfect.

Gorgeous Blue Bedroom with Blue Ceiling by McCann Design Group

By Bruce Wayne
Blue is surely the best color that can give soothing and calming effect. Therefore, many bedrooms usually use this color as the main option. Just like in the bedroom above, the interior designer use soft blue tone as the ceiling color. Moreover, the soothing blue is also featured in the bed sheet and also in the curtain. I love the placement of the main door where it is directly facing the façade. Moreover, the white wall seems perfect to neutralize the blue tone. I also like the existence of comfy chair in the corner of the room. The homeowner can sit comfortably while looking at the outside view. Finally, I have no bad comment about this room because everything is perfect.

Loft Bedroom Ideas features Yellow Tufted Bed with White Campaign Nightstand by Helen Davis Design

By Bruce Wayne
I think this bedroom is very beautiful and elegant. I love the color combination of this room that is not simply featuring one or two colors in one room. I love the yellow tufted bed that will provide a very comfortable sleep for the home owner. I also love the transparent nightstand that will surely provide dramatic lighting at night. The rug feature in this room is also cute with blue and white combination. I must appreciate the home designer that is brilliantly place green vegetation inside the room. It brings refreshing vibe and most importantly it pleases the eye of home owner. The wooden flooring is also good and I think I love this room so much.

Elegant Master Bedroom with Double Doors by Helen Davis Design

By Bruce Wayne
When I see this bedroom at the first time, I feel like watching a nice bedroom in a movie. I love the dramatic double doors that are used as the main gate and the main access to the gorgeous bedroom. I like the golden tones that are featured in the hanging lamp and also in the walling design. I also adore the white master bed that seems very comfortable. And also the long soft blue couch right below the main bed is also interesting. The twin small white cabinets that are located next to the bedroom are also wonderful because it can accommodate more stuff to be stored. I think I have no complaint about this bedroom.

Serene Bedroom Colors features Bed with Valance and Curtains by Isabel Lopez Quesada

By Bruce Wayne
I love the magnificent style of this bedroom. The interior designer gives refreshing vibe to room by the existence of fresh green fluffy pillows. Moreover, the turquoise curtain is also beautiful and it gives wonderful look to this bedroom. I love the way the designer place the main bed in valance. It gives comfortable and exclusive feeling to the one who is lying there. Moreover, the small round table is also cute because there are flowers potted over it. The walling design is also great with its flower motif. Although the wall look crowded with the motif but I suggest hanging a photo frame to make the wall look more beautiful.

Glamorous Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas with French Chaise Lounge by Isabel Lopez Quesada

By Bruce Wayne
I love this bedroom because it has classic style in it. The low provide teak wooden bed is perfectly covered pink flower blanket and also elegant white bed sheet. I also adore the wooden material used in this room. Starting from the wall and the flooring area, it gives magnificent soft brown look to the room. Moreover, there is a comfy couch that will allow the home owner to have comfortable reading time in the room. But I think the wooden wall need some decorative elements so that placing abstract painting or photo frames will be a great idea. And I highly recommend installing luxurious chandelier to give magnificent look to this classy room.

Comfortable Transitional Bedroom Sets with White and Blue Bedding by Beth Webb Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
I like this small room because it features the most unique furniture. The small wooden cabinet gives traditional look to the room. Moreover, I love the white and blue bedding that is very pretty and chic. The white tufted headboard provides comfortable feeling to the home owners when they rest tired body. This bedroom has traditional look and it can be seen from the rattan basket right below the main bed. This bedroom also completed with small white fabric chair. I love the raw wooden flooring concept applied in this bedroom because it gives vintage touch. All in all, this room is interesting.

Awesome Chic Bedroom Decor features Pink Toile Headboard and Animal Print Wallpaper Lined by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
When it comes to luxurious bedroom I always think that gold will be the perfect tone. But it feels like pink is another great option that I can choose. Just like in the picture above where the luxurious room can also use pink as the main focal point. I love the wonderful pink toile headboard that has beautiful flower motifs. Moreover, the white bed sheet is very exclusive especially with its fluffy pillows. The wall is also gorgeous. The small polka dot motifs dominating the wall decoration and it is combined with exclusive golden frames. I also adore the potted plant next to the bed because it gives refreshing vibe to the room.

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