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Modern Bathroom Furniture Sets features Laminate Bathroom Vanity by The Horizon Hotel and Spa

By Bruce Wayne
An outdoor shower room will probably refreshing and unique. In the picture above, I can see a wonderful outdoor shower room that connected to powder room. It is only divided by transparent glass wall. There is contrasting concept between the shower room and the powder room. The shower room features white as its main one and the powder room comes with brown tone. I adore the granite tile countertop with golden faucet. The hanging glossy shelf is also interesting it gives beautiful shimmer to the room. The granite flooring is surely another wonderful piece of art in this amazing bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Ideas features Brown Veneer Floating Vanity by The Horizon Hotel and Spa

By Bruce Wayne
I really adore this bathroom design especially with its unusual color tone. The dark brown walling idea is surely give magnificent look. Moreover, this bathroom is completed with floating vanities that comes with luxurious marble countertop. I also adore the dramatic wall lamp next to the large mirror that gives more dramatic nuance. White bidet is another wonderful piece of art in this room because it also helps to beautify the dark hues. The floating shelve is also amazing because it can provide more storage. I really like the flooring area. The home designer is cleverly installing raw wooden flooring that makes the room look classy and vintage. Over all, I love this dramatic bathroom concept.

Delightful White and Grey French Bathrooms features French Bathroom Vanity by Hannah Vernal Design

By Bruce Wayne
I think this bathroom looks elegant with its simple design. The bathtub in this room reminds me of Victorian age. I like the idea of placing cozy gray fabric chair in this bathroom. The home owners can release the stress out while seating in this cozy chair. Moreover, the white cupboard has versatile function to place soft towels. I like the open bay window that brings fresh air to fill this plain bathroom. I think to neutralize white tone; this room needs gray marble tile. Moreover, it will give the illusion of cleaner room because the dirt won’t easily be seen.

Beautiful Master Bathroom Designs features Polished Nickel and Marble Double Vanity by Hannah Vernal Design

By Bruce Wayne
The first time I see this powder room, I think the interior design is inspired by battle ship interior and it can be seen from twin polished nickel mirror hanging on the wall. I love this unique powder room because there are two marble double sink that seems very durable and won’t break easily. To be honest, the tile walling is not giving me a good impression. I think I love the usual wall where there is no tile attached on the wall. The lighting department is nice with the wall lamps hanging side by side. The flooring area is also wonderful with dotted pattern. I like this powder room after all.

Gorgeous Romantic Bathroom Decor with Mirrored Accent Wall and Antique Bathroom Vanity by The Design Atelier

By Bruce Wayne
This bathroom is pretty interesting with its romantic theme. The glossy bathroom vanities create an image of luxuriousness. I can say that the interior designer brings romantic theme because the exotic shimmering patterned wall invite the home owner to feel the romance vibe. I like the large mirrored accent above the bathroom vanities because it can make the room look larger than its actual size. I also adore the wall lamp attach to the corner of large mirror. It can provide dramatic nuance especially at night. Moreover, the room looks even more romantic by the existence of orange potted flower above the bathroom vanities. All in all, this bathroom is adorable.

Traditional Bathroom Designs with Gray Storage Ottoman and Bathroom Chandelier by The Design Atelier

By Bruce Wayne
I love this elegant white bathroom that looks clean and curvy on its side. The large mirror above the sink and also wide open window will bring fresh air to fill the room. Moreover, the ceiling idea is also very nice. I like the clean white flat ceiling that combined with giant chandelier. It boosts the mood of the room because of its dramatic lighting. Moreover, the gray storage ottoman is also good looking knowing that this white bathroom needs different tone. I think the home owner should place a small potted plant next to the sink so that it gives refreshing look to this plain white room.

Traditional Master Bathroom Ideas features Blue Bathroom Curtains by The Design Atelier

By Bruce Wayne
When it comes to a bathroom, I really want to have spacious place so that I can rest my tired body. And the bathroom above shows me the right design of spacious bathroom idea. I love the wonderful and luxurious bathtub with metal towel tuck next to it. Moreover, the wide open window will seriously give refreshing view. I also love the wide blue indigo curtain that seems very fit with the wall. It gives exclusive touch to the room. I also love the wonderful round table that will probably accommodate more stuff. Most importantly, I love the exclusive tile flooring that allows the home owner to move freely.

Elegant Bathroom Designs features Tub with Wall Mount Tub Filler by Ashley Goforth Design

By Bruce Wayne
This elegant white bathroom is really wonderful especially with its unique bathtub. Moreover, the water filler is installed on the wall which I think it’s pretty futuristic. Moreover, I love the vanities that feature marble countertop. The large square mirror and the twin wall lamp is also good to give a feeling of spaciousness. Although the wall comes in plain white, I love the way the home designer hang several photo frames. The granite flooring gives luxurious feeling to the room and I should say it’s brilliant. Most importantly, there is a touch of romantic feeling with the red rose place in the freestanding mini table.

Beautiful Kids Bathroom Ideas features White Bathroom with Black Hex Tiles Floor by Jenny Wolf Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
The limited space doesn’t stop the home designer to think creatively in decorating the bathroom. I can see the bathroom in the picture above which is very simple but it has several function at the same time. The sweet white curtain is used as a divider to the main bathtub. I also love the mosaic tile walling because it will be easily cleaned. But I think the room needs some refreshment like placing potted plan on the countertop. The black hex tile floors are also interesting for bathroom because it won’t allow the dust to be clearly seen. Over all, this room is quite good.

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