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Small Space Basement with Wet Bar and White Brick Backsplash

By Bruce Wayne
When there is not enough space in a house, the owner should spin their critical thinking to find a transitional place that can be functioned as mini bar or wet bar. And the brilliant idea has shown in this picture where the owner can maximize the limited space. The wet bar is pretty simple which is placed against elegant creamy brick wall. Sturdy wooden cabinet also complement the scene. But I think it is better to place potted plants with single red flower to give more romantic atmosphere. And I think it’s not appropriate to place undermount sink in the wet bar because it will definitely ruin the decorative idea. I highly recommend placing small candelabrum to give more calming ambiance.

Elegant Contemporary Basement Wine Cellar with Vertical Wine Racks

By Bruce Wayne
By looking at this picture at glance, all I can say that this basement cellar is very wonderful. The black color scheme is just perfect because it can add magical feeling to the room. The vertical wine rack is a great deal because it can display your favorite wine without making mistake when you want to take it out. Although I really love black, but this basement wine cellar need some refreshment. Elegant white for the stairs will be just enough to neutralize the darker hues. The lighting department must be fixed with dreary light so that it can add more dramatic effect.

Classic Basement with Rustic Wine Cellar

By Bruce Wayne
When it comes to classic house, I think rustic theme is always a perfect choice for wine cellar. Just like in this picture, adorable rustic wine racks dominating the whole room. Moreover, the luxurious marble countertop and wonderful marble flooring are the best combination to show the real classic house idea. Brick motive in the sloping ceiling is also wonderful but in my opinion the hanging lamp is quite disturbing. It can be replaced by decorative lamp or crystal chandelier in order to make the room look a little glamorous with its classic theme base. It’s just my two cents. How about yours?

Stunning Basement Playroom Storage Ideas features Comfortable Sofa

By Bruce Wayne
This basement playroom is very attracting for kids because the colorful storage just made their day. With vibrant color design, the room looks cheerful and elegant at the same time. But I think the placement of large white couch in this playroom is a bit annoying because the kids cannot move freely. I highly recommend putting small colorful chairs against the wall so that there is enough space for playing around. Overall, I love this simple playroom especially the wall design which simply makes the room elegant without over painting hues. The warm rug is absolutely irresistible because it will keep the kids happy to stay for more hours.

Wonderful Basement Wet Bar and Refrigerator

By Bruce Wayne
This classic basement wet bar is very gorgeous especially with its vintage furniture. With soft furnished white cabinet and black granite countertop, this room has shown its first class. I love the refrigerator here, it doesn’t ruin the adornment because the color scheme seems following the main elegant white theme. What I don’t like in this room is the placement of potted plants on the countertop. They should be removed because they just make the room look crowded and cluttered. However, the multiple photo frames on the wall is very cute because it helps the plain white wall to look more eye-catching and attracting. Most importantly, the wooden laminate flooring keep the transitional bar feel warm at night.

Contemporary Basement Wine Room with Glass Sliding Doors

By Bruce Wayne
This transitional wine cellar seems perfect for minimalist house. With the versatile glass sliding door, it can add more value to the design. Black painted wooden accent on the door pop up classical hues to the overall interior. In my opinion, the spacious room close to the wine cellar needs more furniture to be placed. There must be a comfy long couch to sit on while enjoying the night atmosphere with a glass of wine. And the wall needs some vibrant colors like fresh green or romantic red in order not to make the room look gloomy at night. The adornment of photo frames on the plain wall is also another great idea to light up the room.

Modern Basement Bunk Room with Sleek Laminate Flooring

By Bruce Wayne
I think the interior designer of this room is very genius. With contemporary theme, it looks promising especially the furniture placement which are very neat and organized. The billiard table in the center can be both visually and practically useful. This bunk room also wonderful with black and white combination also sleek laminate flooring that is simply mesmerizing. However, too many down lights in one room cannot help it to shine. It’s better to place one luxurious crystal chandelier which is rarely used for basement area. I also love aluminum material that is featured in this room; it can complement the dark hues which is sometime got the visitor scary.

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