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beautiful home exterior design green front doors brass home numbers ceiling porch lighting

Bruce Wayne

Beautiful House Exterior Design features Green Front Door and Exterior Porch Lights

Bruce Wayne


In searching of something different in the exterior of a house, I found this picture. I think the door of this house is very unique and I love it. It looks very simple but quite eye-catching, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the photo does not capture all the front view of the house, so I have no idea what style of architecture that this door belongs. However, in my opinion, the green door can be installed in any kind of concept. The green color itself does not very bright or pale. Moreover, the gold mailbox and house number add the prettiness of the door. The two plants in front of the door blends well with the green theme, and do not forget to mention the big lantern that completes the pleasant look.
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Home Exteriors
March 24th, 2016

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