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  • lovely french style home neocassic home exterior black front door black latern
  • Bruce Wayne

    Beautiful French Style Homes features Limestone Home Exterior with Black Front Door

    Bruce Wayne


    The house looks old because the wall looks dirty and cracked but I think it is matter of the light when this picture taken. Do you agree with me? In spite of the confusing color of the wall, the exterior of this house looks plain. There is no part of the exterior that grabs my eyes. The house looks like an old apartment because of the plain tall design. Moreover, the low black fence looks common and the garden is so small. I think it is made like that to give a good outside view to the basement floor. Fortunately, the door looks quite nice with half round window above it and two lanterns in front of it.
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    Home Exteriors
    March 27th, 2016

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