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Cute Nursery Bedding Sets for Boy features Grey Nursery Dresser by Abaca Interior

By Bruce Wayne
The nursery room looks cute with some animal dolls. With simple white wall and ceiling, the room still looks fun thanks to the grey polkadot curtains with yelow border. Moreover, the yellow open shelf with colorful baskets make the room feels more cheerful. The panting or photo (I cannot see it clearly) between two round mirror completes the cute touch. The simple grey changing dresser also gives attractive point to the room, so do the small white changing pad that has girrafe pattern on it. Overall, the room is quite adorable but I think it is better to add more color or pattern to the room, so it presents more positive atmosphere.

Wonderful Baby Boy Nursery Bedding with Floating Shelves by Abaca Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
The animal theme that this nursery tries to bring is lovely. With white background, the huge animal dolls seem alive. Thanks to the animal dolls, the white wall, window, and crib do not feel plain. The room is actually quite simple but the dolls decoration create cheerful atmosphere. Besides, the giraffe, dog, and elephant doll placed on the floor, other smaller dolls are put on the white floating shelves. All the animal dolls look very cute and seem ready to protect the baby from any harm. The other thing that is outstanding in the nursery is the large abstract painting. The painting looks strange to be put there because it does not relate to animal. However, I love the mixture of the colors and I think the painting balance to the room.

Awesome Nursery with Empty Frames on Wall features Blue and White Striped Rug by Abaca Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
This nursery is a little bit unique with various color applied in the furniture. The item that grabs my attention most is the wall decoration. With the black background, the empty frames become creative decoration. The good arrangement of various sizes frames makes the wall look attractive. The open bookshelves also become a marvelous wall decoration with their colorful books. Besides the black and white interior, the furniture has different color (except the metal four posters crib that still matches with black and white concept). For example, the dark green sofa, the light grey armchair, and the blue striped rug with car print.

Cute Baby Boy Nursery Decor features Baby Animal Art Over Crib by Christine Elliott Designs

By Bruce Wayne
I love the animal theme applied in this nursery room, not only because it fits with a baby room’s concept but also the way the designer tries to put the animal print in some elements of the room. I think the designer smartly places the animal pictures in certain way so the room does not feel boring but bright and calm. I love the animal printed bed with turquoise border and ribbons and the panda doll on it. Thanks to the black wood crib, the crib feels balance yet cheerful. Moreover, the baby animal art over the crib completes the animal theme. The animal painting looks cute with wide white frame.

Contemporary Nursery features Bay Window Crib with Horizontal Stripe Curtains by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

By Bruce Wayne
I always love window seat because the place is relaxing whether for reading novel or just taking a nap. Then, I see this picture and it becomes my favorite immediately. I think it is a brilliant idea to create window bay crib because the baby will feel relax and calm same with me. Moreover, the crib has stylish design with transparent bars and wood frame that makes the parents can watch the baby easily. The white blind and striped green curtain are installed well to protect the baby from direct sunlight. I love the brown textured wallpaper that matches with the carpet and woven basket; and don’t forget to mention the colorful wavy striped cushion that gives cheerful touch in this tranquil nursery room.

Lovely Nursery with Stacked Shelves by Birmingham Home and Garden

By Bruce Wayne
This little part of a nursery looks fun. The owner plays with the decoration really well. I love how the plain white wall becomes so exciting with additional stacked shelves. Many items are placed on the gold shelves and each of them is stylish. On the first level, there are tiny white pots with single pink flower are lovely along with unique dolls. On the second level, elegant bronze goblets, colorful book covers, and blue ball can be found. A dog-shaped wire and blue glass pot are on the top and they look gorgeous. Besides the wall, the flooring is also simple with brown carpet and furry white rug but the pink lion makes a huge difference. The lion doll looks very cute with its brown braided tail.

Stunning Indoor Pool features Wooden Walls with Vintage Ceiling Light

By Bruce Wayne
This indoor pool is totally gorgeous with the country theme. The pool itself is simple with square shape, but the design of the room is very attractive. The first thing that makes me feel interesting in this picture is the hanging dark wood boat. I do not know if it is only a decoration, a lamp shade, or truly a useable boat but it looks great up there. Moreover, the entire wall, including the ceiling is made of wood, so it looks like a barn. The stone tiled flooring strength the country feel. The decoration of this space is also great with large clock and two freestanding white containers with two fresh plants on each.

Amazing Cottage Home Design features Infinity Pool and Patio Lounge Furniture

By Bruce Wayne
Infinity pool in this picture is remarkable. I think this is my first time seeing half circle infinity pool. It is quite unique and attractive because the concrete border is also distinctive. Most infinity pools that I have ever seen has a square shape but this half-circle pool is a brilliant idea to create an unforgettable swimming experience. The dark sky does not diminish its charm because of the lights at the bottom of the pool. The three pots with small plant on them beside the pool become fresh decorations for the pool. Moreover, the covered patio also has a stylish contemporary design with luxurious white loungers. With smooth wavy design, the loungers seem very comfortable.

Excotic Infiniti Pool Design features Patio Furniture with Umbrella

By Bruce Wayne
This pool is breathtaking. The sea view is clearly seen from the pool and it seems swimming in there feels like swimming in the sea. The swimming pool has smooth border that is not straightly square or round and it is great. However, the white wall of the pool should be changed with glass, so it will be more exciting. Regardless the pool’s border, I really want to go there with my family and friends to spend holiday together. The fountain in the middle of the pool is attractive and it is a good decoration. The patio seems also fun but I can only see the orange pot with orange flowers and a white patio umbrella.

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