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lovely brown x based dining table turquoise otomi tablecloth wall mount plate rack dining room double doors

Bruce Wayne

Astounding Brown Dining Rooms features Brown Table Set by McCann Design Group

Bruce Wayne


In general, this dining room is a good one I think because there is a pair of glass door located at the back allowing not only nice views to be seen from inside the room but also fresh air to enter the room. The use of brown shades that are combined with some black accents is also fabulous. It is especially because the black details factually create a contrast that makes the colors in the room to look stronger but still in balance. The area rug is even nice because it is very useful in adding pattern to the plain brown flooring which color is factually quite the same with the color of the walls. If the rug is absent, it seems the room will not look as good as this.
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McCann Design Group
Dining Room
March 22nd, 2016

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