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Category : April 2016

Gorgeous Backyard Home Design features Oval Shaped Swimming Pool

By Bruce Wayne
The oval shaped swimming pool is quite adorable, isn’t it? It reminds me with a hotel that I have ever stayed when I was a child. The half-circle stair becomes a great entrance to the pool. There is also a half-circle tub next to the pool. With blue tiled edge of the pool, the swimming pool becomes cooler. I also love the neat green backyard. The big tree, tall natural fence, and the green grass are perfect combination for the backyard. I guess it is really fun to spend time there with family, especially with the black outside dining set. The house exterior is also great with ivory wall and black window covers.

Gorgeous Ranch House features Outdoor Pool and Outdoor Lounge Furniture by Urrutia Design

By Bruce Wayne
Spending a summertime holiday in this house must be full of fun. The exterior of this ranch house is adorable with typical wood wall and wood fence. Besides the gorgeous house architecture, this pool is also exquisite. I love the square pool with blue tiled walls that becomes good decoration. Moreover, the patio next to the pool is also pleasurable with wood loungers and daybeds. With same concept that is brown cushion, and orange and patterned pillows, the patio appears gorgeous. The small square wood tables between the seats complete the relaxing pool. I think putting patio umbrella on the patio will be nice to give extra shades besides the breathtaking huge tree on the stair.

Beautiful Infinity Pool features Modern Outdoor Lounge Chairs

By Bruce Wayne
If I live in high place like this, I also will totally like to build infinity pool. This infinity pool is alluring and fun because of the attractive view that can be seen while swimming (of course not for acrophobia people). I think it will be thrilling to swim there even though I have no fear of height because the safety looks weak. However, the white stone flooring and black fence complete the beautiful design. Unfortunately, I cannot see the pool’s entrance and base, but I guess they are amazing too. The wood loungers with smooth line and white towel are excellent, so do the wood small table between them.

Awesome Pool House with Zen Pool Ideas by Butler Armsden Architects

By Bruce Wayne
When I see this pool house, I do not expect that the two small pools in front of it are swimming pool. They are quite small to be called as swimming pool, aren’t they? They look like a pound or bathing place. Besides the ambiguous function of the pools, I love the architecture of the contemporary pool house. With grey concrete wall and grey roof, the house looks sturdy and dashing. The design of the pool house is simple with large glass windows and doors. There is no decoration for the exterior except the black sconces on the main entrance. The interior also has no decoration from what I see.

Delectable Pool Cabana features Brick Wall Texture and White Slipcovered Sofa by Aidan Gray Home

By Bruce Wayne
When I see this pool the unique pool cabana is noticeable. The cabana is made of small stone for almost part and that material makes the cabana matchless. The metal covers above the windows and doors are also distinctive. With the white curtains at the main entrance, the cabana seems like having a bohemian theme. The ivy plants start to grow and cover the pillar of the cabana and the pink flowers on small brown pot in the entrance. Those things that make the cabana becomes pretty. The interior of the cabana has white theme that can be seen from the white covered chairs and the white fireplace. The pool beside the cabana is quite fun and fresh with turquoise water color.

Lovely Pool Cabana features Vintage Wicker Outdoor Furniture and Ivory Curtains by Kristen Hutchins Design

By Bruce Wayne
I really love both the pool cabana and the pool. The pool cabana actually has a simple design without many decorations, but it still feels fun. The cabana is quite small but it seems so comfortable with the dark wood sofa and armchairs. The white pad for each chair matches with the interior wall. Fortunately, the pillows on the chair have various colors so the room is not boring. The turquoise round tables also make the cabana more fun. The decorations inside are only round mirror and plants, so I think it will be better if there are more wall decoration, such as paintings. For the pool, the zigzag patterned tile becomes sufficient decoration.

Amazing Pool Cabana Ideas features Outdoor Kitchen and Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture by Wick Design

By Bruce Wayne
I will be really happy if I can have such a beautiful pool. I think this place is suitable for family to spend time together. There is no luxurious furniture, but it seems to have complete details for having fun in the pool. The white rattan sofas are so comfortable and simple. Moreover, the sofas blend with the nature surrounding the pool. The pool house has natural exterior that can be seen from the wood layered wall and huge wood sliding door. Moreover, there is a navy kitchen in the pool house that is a brilliant idea since the mommy can directly cooking and then having a meal together on the outside.

Lovely Outdoor Pool features Gray Pool Loungers with Swimming Pool Pavers by Ashley Whittaker Design

By Bruce Wayne
It is important to have the same theme between the house design and its patio and this picture shows it well. I can see that the patio has small square red stone flooring, so do the outside wall. Moreover, the white patio umbrella is in the same color with the windows and door’s frame. In addition, I love how the owner beautifies their backyard using plants and flowers. It is always pleasant to see green yard, especially with those purple flowers that match with the purple sofas. The blue loungers with white line are also stylish and give new cool ambience to the pool.

Gorgeous Home Design features Brick Wall Design Ideas with In Ground Pools by Mell Lawrence Architects

By Bruce Wayne
Both the house exterior and the pool have a simple design and I love it. The in-ground pool has a simple square shape with two entrances. Though it seems usual, the two lightings inside the pool make the pool more special, especially at night. It makes me curious on how the pool’s appearance during the day. The outside border of the pool blends with the tiled stone patio flooring. On the other hand, the exterior of the house looks lovely yet sturdy with brown brick wall. The glass door and windows are wide with simple wood frame. The black roof is a nice choice because the overall house design seems complete.

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